Retail Mix

Delivery of a varied retail mix is crucial to both the sustainability and vibrancy of our proposed scheme. Not only do we aim to remain faithful to the original purpose of the Butter Market by re-introducing a toll model for the sale of local produce but also we want to ensure that local aspiring retailers and producers have access to affordable prime retail space in the city. Sussex Enterprise are aware of our objectives and they have offered wide-ranging support for the introduction of such a scheme to our potential sub-tenants.

Artist's Impressions

Take a look at our artist's impressions below to get a sense of how we envisage the future of the Chichester Butter Market. The bright colours are a perfect representation of the vibrant and exciting space we want to create as the refurbished Butter Market recaptures its place at the heart of Chichester.

Chichester Butter Market Outside
  • Safeguarding 200 years of architectural heritage

  • Remaining faithful to its original purpose

  • An exciting space encompassing a market, mixed retail,local produce, arts and crafts, international cuisine, and much more

Chichester Butter Market Inside
  • Vibrant range of exciting local retailers

  • Bustling market atmosphere

  • Full of fresh local produce

  • Small producers selling seasonal goods from festival barrows

Chichester Butter Market Upstairs
  • Relax and experience great value, high quality cuisine in our food court seating areas

  • Restaurant academy providing training for aspiring chefs

  • Pushed for time? Enjoy our meals for home service prepared daily with fresh local ingredients

  • Evening setting for functions and special occasions

  • Wine shop with sommelier to complement your meal

  • And much more

Chichester Butter Market Backyard
  • Central rear access to the Butter Market restored to enhance vibrant atmosphere

  • New paved area at rear to provide alfresco food court seating space

  • Experience and enjoy healthy food on the move prepared from fresh ingredients

The Team

We've assembled a team of local experts - all of whom are proud of Chichester's past and passionate about its future - to lead the regeneration of what we believe is a key building within the city's historic heart.

By combining financial acumen and excellent project management skills, the team will complete the construction phases essential for restoring the Chichester Butter Market to its historical role of serving the local community with local produce, minimising food miles, and retaining value for the city.

We are:

Baker&Bond Holding Company

Stephen Baker is a commodities trader and investment banker who was educated locally and still lives in the area. Derek Bond is a local farmer who produces organic lamb.

Together, their combined farming and financial expertise validates the theory and benefits of the proposed toll market model. As locals themselves, they appreciate the need to deliver a development that is a perfect fit for the specific context of Chichester and North Street. To that end they have assembled a professional local team with many years of experience in similar conservation and renovation projects. The funding for the project will cascade down to local merchants and contractors, as well as giving direct benefit to local families from the very start.

Bayley + Willmer

Local architects Bayley + Willmer are experienced in conservation and renovation projects.

The practice formed in 1984 and their professional staff all have considerable experience in building design and in working closely with engineers, builders, surveyors, local authority planners, and building control officers.

John Bayley gained his Diploma in Architecture in July 1972 and was elected a corporate member of the Royal Institute of British Architects in April 1974. John has been involved with conservation and ecclesiastical work for many years and, in 1994, he was invited to become a member of the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC). He remains actively involved in the DAC and is also a member of the Ecclesiastical Architects & Surveyors Association, a body which promotes the care and conservation of churches and other historic buildings.

Philip Willmer gained his Diploma in Architecture 1981 and was elected a corporate member of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1983. Philip has been a member of the Association of Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings (ASCHB) since his work in the restoration of Walpole House in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham. Philip has considerable knowledge in the field of planning and a great deal of experience with planning appeals. In response to the introduction of the Construction, (Design & Management) Regulations in 1994 he has even become a registered planning supervisor. His particular interest lies in residential, commercial, and community based projects, whilst at the same time maintaining his long held interest in conservation and the built environment.

John C Lillywhite

Local building contractor John C Lillywhite has already worked on may of Chichester's public buildings and was involved in earlier upgrades to the Butter Market.

John C Lillywhite Ltd is a well established building contracting company based in Chichester. The company has had a long association with the Chichester City Council and has previously worked on The Butter Market and The Council House. The company undertook the refurbishment of The Council Chambers and associated areas on behalf of the City Council. The value of this contract was almost 1 million and was completed successfully on time and within budget, as well as respecting the sensitivities of the listed building. Their work on the refurbishment of The Council Chambers earned them a Sussex Heritage award.

In the past the Company has been involved in the re-decoration of the Mayor's parlour and the refurbishment and re-decoration of the Old Courthouse.

Previous work on The Butter Market has involved making repairs to the roof - particularly to the asphalt valley gutter - and creating access for the disabled. This latter was completed in York stone to ensure that the access remained in keeping with the style of the building.

The company employs a team of twenty tradesmen and runs a fully skilled joinery shop. In addition, when the demands of a project require it, the company can call on a large number of sub-contractors with whom they enjoy a successful trading relationship. The use of sub-contractors is made simpler because of the company's competent site agents and its highly skilled management team.

As a local company John C Lillywhite will bring to this project a higher level of sustainability than most other companies. It employs local people, trains local young people, and has a supply chain which includes locals builders' merchants and local sub-contracting companies. The majority of the money spent on The Butter Market development will cascade, therefore, through the local community and will also sustain local families in continued employment. The fact that they are based in Chichester and only two miles from The Butter Market itself means that the carbon footprint of our scheme will remain very low.

In summary, John C Lillywhite Ltd is a 21st century contractor used to delivering large development projects while remaining sensitive to the needs of a 19th century historic building.


Local design and branding specialists BroomeJenkins are well known for their work in creating sympathetic retail environments within historical buildings.